Hybrid Solar Inverter India- Solar power solution

With the increasing trend in technology the use hybrid solar inverter is increasing day by day.  First we have to know about what is hybrid solar inverter.

A solar inverter converts the variable direct current output of a photovoltaic solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current. Solar power generation is an alternative to conventional electricity. It uses solar energy combined with renewable energy to create a stand-alone energy.

Lightening load is becoming very expensive as far as investment is concerned. Because of frequent power failure, the requirement battery backups and inverters are increasing. The hybrid solar inverter India combines solar energy and mains utility to give an excellent solution.

In India hybrid solar inverter is getting popular. People are getting addicted to this technology and are getting aware towards the protection of our environment. These inverters are not only environment friendly but economical also. These inverters give better battery backup than any other inverter. These inverters are easy to install and are long lasting and durable. It needs low on maintenance and high on productivity. These inverters are suitable for a country like India where people want higher productivity and economical products.

Many manufacturer companies provide Hybrid solar inverter India. Indosol Energy Private Limited, this Bangalore based company today is the leading manufacturer in hybrid solar inverter. They are famous for their quality product and the cost at which they supply their products.

Another master of this trait is Home Automation India Pvt. Ltd. in Ghaziabad. Ravisons Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. located nearby is also popular for solar inverters. Poplar brands like Su-kam, Luminous Technologies, Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd., Statcon Power Controls Ltd. also provide Hybrid solar inverter India.

Many local companies also provide hybrid solar inverter. Being local they does not compromise with quality. These companies may include Tantra International, SS Systems, Viridis Energy Pvt. Limited, Sunshine Power Systems and Engg. Pvt. Ltd, Sunworld Solar Systems, wWinstar Industries, Epcon Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd., S. E. Technologies, New Decor, Eden Power House, Blue Chip Enery Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Green Enfros, Duron Energy Private Limited, Tinsel Technologies and the list goes on.

The best way to protect our environment is to use sun based solar inverters in India which are pocket friendly and durable. Which not only protect our environment but also give higher productivity with low maintenance. Go natural Go the hybrid way!!!


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SOLAR UPS For Home- Get the Technology in A Natural Way

Solar UPS for your home is a good way to begin to green your life. More people turning to alternative energy resources, solar power has emerged as one of the favorite solutions.

Solar Ups converts the renewable energy into power which is useful to our home needs. With technological advancement, solar power has become affordable and available to a larger section of the society. The role of UPS systems in this highly technologically advanced world has grown significantly over the years. UPS maintenance may not be as taxing as you think when the UPS itself carries a reliable design and is made of quality material.

Solar technologies are now available in every section of the society and not only are it pocket-friendly but they are eco-friendly. Many people have now started using solar UPS for home. Not only they are long lasting but they provide better battery life to the products. The earth friendly home UPS business is no doubt a great business and is definitive contributing a lot in saving the world from the hazards of other lighting options.

Reasons to use SOLAR UPS FOR HOME

The invention of solar UPS is playing a great role is the protection of the environment as most of the product we use at our home run on UPS. It is being used world wild and its constant technological improvement is increasing its count day by day

Advantages of Using Solar UPS

  • Unlike other solar UPS is easy to install and does not take multiple visits.
  • If compared with any other, Solar UPS are more economical and consume lesser power.
  • Unlike any other, solar UPS are much more durable and long lasting and give better battery life to the products running on UPS.
  • Solar UPS for home are not only long lasting but environment friendly also unlike other.
  • These solar UPS require low maintenance and give maximum output than any other UPS.

In India many manufactures companies are providing solar UPS for home and some top companies are entering into this technology. Some top most companies are Su-Kam, Edutek Instrumentation, Protonics Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Sevomax India Limited, Home Automation India Private Limited, Sunmax Energy Systemss India Pvt. Ltd., Janani Enterprise, Ultron Electronics.

Be it developed country or a developing country solar UPS are beneficial in every case. They are not only easy to use but also provide better environment friendly.



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Grid Tie Inverters In India – Giving New Way of Brightness

With the changing technology focus towards solar products is increasing which has lead to the invention of grid tie inverter in India and is getting popular in several countries including India.

When a power inverter converts direct current electricity into alternating current with an ability to synchronize to interface with a utility line then it is called a grid tied inverters. It is a power inverter converts DC source such as solar panels or small wind turbines into AC for tying with the grid.

These are easily available in the markets today with different number of technologies. China is said to be the leading supplier of these inverters because of its low cost they are popular for manufacturing Grid tied inverters. These inverters are not only environment friendly but pocket friendly also.

With their increasing popularity the usage of grid tie inverter in India is increasing rapidly. Many companies have started supplying to all over the country. The leading manufacturer of these inverters is Soyo Systems which was incepted in August 1992. They provide these inverters in both rural and urban towns of the country.

Another leading brand in this field is Viridis Energy Private Ltd. situated in Tamil Nadu provides the most reasonable grid tied inverters all over the country. This 30 year old brand serves the country with various solar products at a very affordable cost.

Hi-tech Power Controls established in 1991 this company is a certified manufacturer. This organisation has organisation has established a sound and sophisticated infrastructure in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which is spread across a wide area. Belonging to the same area is Surat Exim Private Ltd. established few years ago in 2001 has gained instant popularity with high quality grid tied inverters.

Spear Technology Alliance India Private limited is another leading brand which provides grid tie inverter in India. This company holds 15-20 years of experience which can be seen easily in its products and services.

Not only these companies naming Sri Ram Solar Solution India Pvt. Ltd., Kevin Power Devices Pvt. Ltd., Jayanthi Enterprise, Unique Max UPS, Evergreen Solar Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Tinsel Technologies, Manak Engineering Services, Signotron India Private Limted.

Not only in urban areas but it is also being used in the rural and backward areas of this country so as to promote development and modernization. Save earth from pollution.


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With the time span this country has seen many changes in trends and technology. The invention of solar inverters is becoming very popular throughout the country. Details about the leading SOLAR INVERTER MANUFACTURERS IN INDIA.

Scientifically speaking a Solar Inverter or a PV inverter is a device which converts DC output of a photovoltaic solar panel into a utility frequency AC which can be used by a local off-grid electrical network. These inverters may expensive but are long lasting and eco friendly. With the rapid development in the country many companies are introducing solar inverter in India.

These inverters being new in India are getting popular as the public is now thinking about its environment. Many leading SOLAR INVERTER MANUFACTURERS are providing their services in this field and some companies are entering into this technology as their responsibilities to provide Eco friendly environment. Not only in urban areas this technology is spreading its arms to rural areas also and today plays an important role in country’s development. The main invention of solar power cut down electricity cost by 50%. In country like India which is a developing country people are using more of Solar inverters than any other inverter.

The leading company in this field is Luminous Power Technologies (P) Ltd. which is a Delhi based company founded in 1988. Luminous which today is a part of Schneider Electric family introduced its solar inverters in 2011. This company provides all types of solar batteries and inverters at an affordable price. Manish Pant and his 5000 plus employees provide the best solar inverters around the country.

Another master of this trait is Suntek Energy Systems. This Solar inverter Manufacturing company was established in the year 2008 and has shown rapid growth and popularity as it serves Indians with long lasting and effective products.

Apex International the name itself states its success story. This company is a government recognised export house which is one of the wold’s leading manufacturers of various type of solar products. Solar inverters in India are not only high tech but is also feasible for country’s citizens.

AOV International is known as one of the most leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality solar energy equipments. They present huge range of unmatched quality Solar Inverters in India are very cost effective prices.

The above mentioned companies are the leading SOLAR INVERTER MANUFACTURERS IN INDIA who not only produce Solar Inverters but also provide their quality services across the country not only in urban areas but in rural areas as well.


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Grid Tie Inverter in India

Grid Tie inverters are becoming a solution for commercial and house hold needs running consistently for the long time. Grid Tie Inverter in India is a new technology which converts DC (direct current) to AC (alternative current) and supplies the energy to grid. It takes energy from renewable energy like sun light, wind, waves and geothermal heat.

Several different types of grid tie inverters are available on the market and each of them uses different types of technology. These days they may use the newest high frequency transformers.

Grid tie inverter in India

The main components are generator, power outputs, the inverter, the disconnect switch, charge controller and a battery bank.

There are two ways to create a grid-tied system. The first way is grid-tied inverter with no batteries. Instead of batteries we can use solar panels. Here, the solar energy produced by the solar panels is immediately converted into useable AC. When it’s raining inverter uses energy from the power grid.

Another way is grid tie inverter with batteries. Charge the batteries and it supplies the energy to grid. These are called as battery back-up. By using back-up power we can utilize it when power is outage. Here inverter charges the battery and simultaneously it supplies the power.

How they work

It has the capability to turn itself on as soon as there is power coming in and turning itself off when there is none.

Grid Tie Inverter reads the power when it is connected to battery and takes the power from battery bank as an input and transforms it into the energy. By solar panels, it depends on number of solar panels and the capacity of producing energy. It do not produce high energy, generates enough energy for home needs.

Cost- Effective

Basically, Grid Tie Inverter in India is cost effective. Choosing upon the model the cost will effect. If it is not a genuine your money will be waste and risk to your power cables that are not safely connected. To establish a connection for inverter contact skilled person in that field and get advice.

Advantages using Grid Tie inverter

  • It minimizes the traditional energy by using solar panels.
  • Easily meets the power needs of a house.
  • Can also use backup batteries when power off.

Before choosing one must keep in mind

  • Power output Rated: It provides an output rating for different voltages of output.
  • Start voltage:  Minimum DC required for the device.
  • Maximum Power: The amount of DC that the inverter uses.

However, these systems have more benefits when compared to other systems. By using grid tie inverter in India you will be never being out of electricity. Only we need little maintenance when compared to other inverters.


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LED Track lighting-A new dawn of brightness

LED lights are the most modern and most efficient lighting alternative in comparison with other lighting technologies available at the moment. The implementation of this lighting technology in LED track lighting has added a new dimension to normal lighting.

The two most important benefits provided by picking LED track lighting is the option provided by it to add multiple light streams around a area and this in turn gives rise to energy savings of LED bulbs. These remain focused on a place rather than oscillations done by incandescent or fluorescent lights. They come in variety of attractive styles with various designer shades. Available in multi-light or single line arrangements it is a perfect choice for kitchen or to focus the corner of a bedroom. Places where track lighting can be installed are very vast and it is upon the user where he wants to get them.

Designs available in LED track lighting

• Plate track mounting.
• Fixed track.
• Adjustable track.
• Semicircular, waves, arch, flexible arc.
• Straight fixed and adjustable.
• Fiber plastic shades with variable color variety.
• Solid shade.

There are customized designs also available and it has numerous amount of varieties available in the known existing designs. So configuration depending upon the design also needs a thorough knowledge.


Since they are dependent on LED based technology the benefit comes along with LED’S. These lighting systems do not consume electricity. They also do not generate a lot of heat. This makes LED track lighting cost efficient and energy efficient solution. This turns on instantly when compared to conventional lighting systems which help in saving energy and provide bright illumination to a place. The lifespan of these is 10 times longer than other existing lighting systems and there is no necessity of changing lens to change the colors. They can sustain any kind of indoor or outdoor weather conditions so they can operate any kind of weather conditions.

Choosing the right type of track lighting is very important for your store or home or office otherwise you would not experience any change you wished to have. This will directly affect your electricity bills and will cause a serious problem for future. We need to be specific with what kind of lighting fittings and bulbs will suit our needs. If you opt for LED that has a dimpled lens that will uniformly disperse the proportion of light. Finally LED track lighting is a excellent choice for home or an office.

So if you have decided to get your home or office installed with LED track lighting make sure you have collected all the requirements.


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Solar inverters in India – For energy efficient power back up

India ranks very high in terms of population and the power consumption would also be obviously being on higher side in comparison to other countries. This has given rise to alternative natural source of power generation i.e., solar inverters. The disproportionate use of Fossil fuels is already going on and soon we are reaching a time when they will be exhausted completely. We need to turn to renewable energy sources to meet our needs.

Using solar inverters in India seems to be a excellent solution. It is the most consistent resource accessible today. It has huge potential and we should think of strategies to harness the energy totally. The solar energy facts have already gained popularity in the world. There are many solar solutions like solar generators, solar heating systems and solar inverters.

Based on the functional mechanism solar inverters works in three different ways:

•    Stand alone inverters – This works on the mechanism of switching Direct current of batteries into AC. This is well suited for home owners who have small electric appliances and require less consumption.
•    Synchronous solar inverter – This works on the principle of when electricity gets accumulated in solar panels it gets stored in batteries for consuming later .If you do not require that energy you can sell it to power company. This helps you in earning some money by surplus energy. It prepares us for any emergency situation where you can activate inverter and make the day useful. This is very beneficial for home owners as well as power companies.
•    Multi function solar inverter – This is the best of all inverters based on the experts and most popular option. It converts AC to DC in a delicate manner and excellent choice or commercial establishments. The demand for these inverters is very high because of wide benefits provided by it.

Benefits of solar inverters:

•    It helps to cut down electricity bill
•    Environmental friendly as it does not cause any pollution.
•    It is one time investment since once you install there is no extra maintenance cost.

Demand for solar inverters in India:

The problem of carbon emissions which is very increasing global warming is causing a huge amount of environment hazards the idea of solar inverters is catching everyone’s attention. With most parts of India receiving sunlight for most part of the year getting installed solar inverters becomes a obvious choice. There are many manufacturers already doing heavy investment for solar inverters in India like SEECOL, Luminous, SUKAM etc.

In the same way the different manufacturers in metropolitan cities are booming market with many brand names like solar inverter Bangalore and etc. Each of them is coming up new features to improve the performance. So if you have decided to get implemented solar inverters please make a detailed background check on the requirements.

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